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Jul, 9

Guiding Your Squad in Battlefield 1943

Posted on behalf of DICE Game Designer, Gustav Halling.

With Battlefield 1943 we are advancing squad gameplay on the console!

Squad Structure
Squads are now optional, which means you have control over whether you spawn into a squad and what squad you choose to join.  Squad selection and recruitment is handled in the menu system where you can join a squad, create and invite others to your own squad, and even make your squad private.  This also means those who like to play as a lone wolf can do so outside of a squad and not directly impact squad mates who are looking for closer teamplay and strategy.

Squad commands
Next, we have improved squad communication and command through a simple graphical interface system.  As Battlefield 2142 fans will recognize, squad commands are very easy to use.  When leading a squad, simply point your cross-hairs on a flag and press "Back" on Xbox 360 or "Select" on PS3 and the game will automatically mark that flag as “Attack” (red circle) or “Defend” (blue circle) depending on which team currently owns the flag. This informs your squad of the desired focal point and action (attack or defend).

This is a useful compliment to voice messaging when confirming your strategies with squad mates.  After all, the team that communicates the best, kills the best.

Example of issued Squad commands in-game:

Attack marker (Squad Only)

Defend marker (Squad Only)

Neutral flag (Squad Only)

Hotzone marker (Team)

To help you select your targets we have also added the “Hotzone” system that looks at the whole map and finds the area with the most enemies and friends and marks it as a “Hotzone” like in the image above.  These areas are where the action is currently taking place and can influence your suqad command decisions.  This can also help Lone Wolf players and indirectly encourage them to help the team, but don’t tell them that.  It’s our secret.  :-D

So now, in Battlefield 1943, it’s up to you if you want to formulate tactics as a squad or go Lone Wolf and be the one who makes the difference.

See you on the Battlefield!

Gustav Halling
Game Designer