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Total time played
15d 11h 58m
Total score
Leaderboard placement
Games played
Score per minute



US Marine Corps Rifleman

  • Time:
  • Kills:
  • Deaths:
  • 3d 20h 29m
  • 1299
  • 971


30 Cal MG

  • Time:
  • Kills:
  • Deaths:
  • 17h 42m 53s
  • 524
  • 36


Type 98 rifle

  • Kills:
  • Headshots:
  • Accuracy:
  • 1709
  • 934
  • 0



The Postcards can only be obtained once and some give Achievements/Thophies. These can be completed over many rounds. If the Postcard is related to an Achievement/Trophy, please note they have similar criteria, but they are slightly different and are seperate awards.

Matches & Wins:

  • Win twice on every map as any team.Pacific Campaign
  • Play fifty matches.Tour of Duty I
  • Play one hundred and thirty matches.Tour of Duty II
  • Get the highest score in a match.The Best
  • Truly Elite

Kit specific:

  • Melee Man
  • Get Seventeen kills playing as each class.Master of your Domain
  • Kill fifty enemies with grenades, rifle grenades or explosives.Master Blaster
  • Kill fifty enemies with a semi-automatic rifle.Rifleman
  • Infantryman
  • Kill fifty enemies with a scoped rifle.Sniper!

Vehicle specific:

  • Get twenty five kill with car, tank and plane.Motorman
  • Use the parachute four times.Parachutist
  • Fly a plane for twenty minutes.Milkrun
  • Launch an air raid killing at least one enemy.Bomb run
  • Get fifty kills using car, tank or boat.Wheelman
  • Get fifty kills using fighter planes.Fighter Ace

Teamplay & Misc:

  • Defend twenty flags.Defender
  • Capture thirty flags.Attacker
  • Cap fifty enemy flags.Veteran
  • Reach top rank.Lifer
  • Get one hundred squad assists.Squad Assister
  • Avenge one hundred squad members.Squad Avenger
  • Be in the best squad three times on each map!Best Squad


The Stamps are repeatable awards, mainly aimed at skilled, competitive players. All off these awards are to be obtained "In a Round".

Kit specific:

  • Knife Efficiency
  • Kill four enemies with grenades or explosives.Explosives Efficiency
  • AT Efficiency
  • Kill four enemies with rifle grenades.Rifle Grenade Efficiency
  • Pistol Efficiency
  • Kill four enemies with a semi-automatic rifle.Rifle Efficiency
  • SMG Efficiency
  • Kill four enemies with a scoped rifle.Sniper Efficiency

Vehicle specific:

  • Vehicle Efficiency
  • Jeep Efficiency
  • Get four kills with a tank.Tank Efficiency
  • Get five kills with a fighter plane.Plane Efficiency
  • Get two kills with a landing craft.Boat Efficiency
  • Get four kills with a heavy machine gun.HMG Efficiency
  • Kill two planes with an anti aircraft gun.Air Defense Efficiency
  • Kill four enemies with air raids.Bombing Efficiency


  • Shoot down three bombers.Air Superiority
  • Vehicle Assist Efficiency
  • Kill at least twenty enemies.Leatherneck
  • Defend five flags.Defender Efficiency
  • Capture five enemy flags.Attacker Efficiency
  • Be the best squad of the round.Best Squad
  • Get ten squad assists.Teamplayer
  • Each squad member gets any one stamp and kills ten enemies.Squad Exellence!

PS3 Trophies

Some of these are also postcards, but slightly different criteria. Please note that they are seperate awards.

  • Win once on every map as any team.The Pacific Campaign
  • Play 30 matches.Tour of Duty I
  • Play one hundred matches.Tour of Duty II
  • Melee kill one enemy playerMelee Man
  • Get one kill playing as each classMaster of your Domain
  • Get one kill with car, tank and planeMotorman
  • Fly a plane for 10 minutesParachutist
  • Use the parachuteMilk Run
  • Be in the best squad three times on each map!Best Squad
  • Defend one flagDefender
  • Cap one flagAttacker
  • Cap 25 enemy flagsVeteran

Battlefield Veterans Medals

These are the Battlefield games that you own. They are not unlocks in Battlefield 1943.

  • Battlefield 1943
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Road to Rome
  • Secret Weapons
  • Battlefield Vietnam
  • Battlefield 2
  • BF2 Special Forces
  • Euro Forces
  • Armored Fury
  • Modern Combat
  • Battlefield 2142
  • 2142 Northern Strike
  • Bad Company Gold
  • Bad Company
  • BFBC Demo
  • Battlefield Heroes